Tradition & History


The borchardt looks back on a 150-year history. It was in 1853 that August F. W. Borchardt laid the foundation for a new dining culture that remains intimately associated with berlin today.

The main site of the borchardt company in Französische Straße supplied the Kaiser in the Wilhelmine era and went on to survive the Second World War and the city’s division by the Berlin Wall.

Following the opening of the borchardt wine bar in 1853, a wine wholesale business and catering service were added. From the very outset the synonymous with international dining culture. The current dining space on Gendarmenmarkt was formerly a market hall.

The premises in Französische Straße were damaged in the war, became state property in 1949 and served as a training kitchen in the 1950s. It was here, that a host of chefs working in Berlin today, learned their trade. After reunification the premises closed and underwent extensive renovation. In 1992 the restaurant was reopened by Roland Mary. Since the very beginning, the name “borchardt” has been intimately associated with the capital and today it is known throughout the world.